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亚搏APP手机版-切尔西名将留队却一心想走 冬季时他会再谋求离队
亚搏APP手机版-切尔西名将留队却一心想走 冬季时他会再谋求离队
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Just a month ago, Bayern beat Barcelona with 8 balls, and Schalke lost 8-0 in the Bundesliga opener.就在一个月前,拜仁以8球击败了巴塞罗那,而沙尔克在德甲揭幕战中以8-0输给了巴塞罗那。

Just a month ago, Bayern beat Barcelona with 8 balls, and Schalke lost 8-0 in the Bundesliga opener.


Gnabry staged a hat-trick, Gretzka, Lewan, Muller, Musharra and new player Sane all scored.


Frick showed to all challengers that they not only have to win the triple crown, but also to rub their opponents on the ground. This game played amazing data of 3.98 xGF and 0.16 xGA.

弗里克向所有挑战者表明,他们不仅必须赢得三冠王,而且还必须在地面上摩擦对手。该游戏播放了3.98 xGF和0.16 xGA的惊人数据。

They may have lost Thiago, but they are still the best team in Europe, and it is difficult for anyone to stop them in the Bundesliga this season.


Challengers Leipzig and Dortmund both achieved impressive victories in the first round. Leipzig without Werner easily won Mainz, while Dortmund defeated the upper 3-0 after a stable play. Borussia ranked fourth in the season.


They both won beautifully, but the result of Bayern will definitely scare the entire league to death.


Real Madrid began their journey to defend their title with a tricky road trip, and they were亚搏APP手机版 tied after an unimpressive game.


Zidane's team does not appear to be in danger of losing. Their impressive defensive progress continues this season, but their offense looks terrible.


Erdgau, who returned on loan, had a good start. On both sides of him were young Rodrigo and Vinicius Jr., behind Benzema, they looked like an exciting trio.

借还回来的Erdgau有一个良好的开端。在他的两侧都是年轻的Rodrigo和Vinicius Jr.,在本泽马后面,他们看起来像是令人兴奋的三人组。

They have 16 shots in the game, but these opportunities are only equivalent to 0.84 xG, this inefficient offensive perf亚搏体育app下载客户端ormance must attract their attention.

他们在比赛中有16球,但是这些机会仅相当于0.84 xG,这种低效率的进攻表现必须引起他们的注意。

Yes, Arsenal fans, you are right.


Now Villarreal’s head coach Emery has led his team to 4 points in the two games at the beginning of the season and an impressive victory over Ebar at the weekend. Huang Qian gained a huge advantage of 3.63 xGF, including 6 good opportunities.

现在,比利亚雷亚尔的主教练埃默里(Emery)在本赛季初的两场比赛中带领球队取得4分,并在周末击败埃巴尔(Ebar)取得了令人印象深刻的胜利。黄谦获得了3.63 xGF的巨大优势,其中包括6个好机会。

In the first 1-1 draw with Huesca, he won 2.72 xGF and 3 good opportunities, so there are signs that Emery's Villarreal is indeed an exciting team.

在与韦斯卡的第一个1-1平局中,他赢得了2.72 xGF和3个好机会,因此有迹象表明,埃默里的比利亚雷亚尔确实是一支令人兴奋的球队。

But a major test will come this weekend-they will be a guest at the Nou Camp.


Granada, who ranked seventh last season, made a perfect start against Alves, and the Getafe defeated by them also won, but the way to win was not so convincing, only 1- 0 small wins.


Juventus made a lot of changes this summer, Sarri was fired and replaced by a rookie coach, Juventus legend Pirlo-which surprised everyone.


The loanees McKennie and Rabio made their debut in the first game against Sampdoria. The young full-back Gifrapota returned from Parma to Kulusevsky and was out of favor before. Ramsey also unexpectedly started.


After creating a lot of scoring opportunities and limiting Sampdoria, they easily defeated their opponents 3-0. Ronaldo ended a perfect night with a goal in Turin.


This is a more convincing victory than what we saw under Surrey last season. It is a good start. But a more severe test is yet to come. They will head to Rome in the second game, which will be a better game to evaluate whether they are improving.


AC Milan scored an overwhelming victory against Bologna on Monday night, and Ibrahimovic's twice made him look more like a 20-year-old than a 40-year-old. Sassuolo, who had 33 shots, was tied by Cagliari, and Roma did not beat Verona after getting 2.00 xGF.

周一晚上,AC米兰对博洛尼亚取得了压倒性的胜利,易卜拉欣莫维奇的两次进球使他看起来更像是20岁而不是40岁。萨索洛(Sassuolo)出手33次,被卡利亚里(Cagliari)追平,罗马在得到2.00 xGF的情况下没有击败维罗纳(Verona)。

After spending some time in the relegation zone, Paris Saint-Germain won its first victory in an impressive manner under the leadership of Mbappé on Sunday.


If they continue to behave like their recent victory, Paris Saint-Germain will most likely once again make a big splash in the league.


However, on Infogol's xG rankings, there i亚搏体育app下载客户端s an unexpected team that has taken the top spot after four rounds. This team is the newly upgraded Lens. They beat Bordeaux on the weekend to get more than 3.0 xGF, and also defeated the understaffed Greater Paris.

但是,在Infogol的xG排名中,有一个出人意料的团队在四轮比赛之后排名第一。这个团队是新升级的镜头。他们在周末击败了波尔多,获得了超过3.0 xGF的积分,还击败了人手不足的大巴黎。


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