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亚搏APP手机版-切尔西名将留队却一心想走 冬季时他会再谋求离队
亚搏APP手机版-切尔西名将留队却一心想走 冬季时他会再谋求离队
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亚搏体育app下载客户端_最近十年NBA最糟糕的十笔签约 一哥韦德都上榜
发布日期:2021-01-20 00:06:01

  Recently, Zach Buckley, a reporter from Bleacher Sports, wrote an article that selected the worst signings of all NBA teams in the past 10 years. This article selects the TOP10 among them, ranked in descending order of the amount of contracts signed by players.

最近,来自Bleacher Sports的记者Zach Buckley发表了一篇文章,该文章选择了过去10年中所有NBA球队中最差的签约。本文从中选择TOP10,按玩家签约数量的降序排列。

  1. Wizards: John Wall, 170 million in 4 years


  Remedial measures: shorten the contract period


  Perhaps the best answer is to never let the super contract be written into the labor negotiation agreement. Once this is done, Wall will no longer stay with the Wizards.


  Serious injuries turned Wall’s contract from a risk into a disaster. In fact, since Wall signed in July 2017, he has been struggling to prove that he is worthy of this fat contract. This season is the first year of the contract, but he is 30 years old. This is not a young age for a point guard who is unstable in shooting and relies too much on athletic ability (career three-point shooting percentage of 32.4%).


   The average annual income is 42.5 million. Such a fat contract should be reserved for the top players. Wall obviously has not reached that height.


  2. Red team: Chris Paul, 159.7 million in 4 years


  Remedial measures: shorten the contract period


   Some people may think that there is nothing to blame for the red team's operation in the past 10 years, except that they should have more confidence in the "bulb combination". Paul joined for two seasons, Houston won 65 and 53 games respectively, and all three rounds of the series against teams other than the Warriors advanced in the playoffs. Lost to the Warriors 2 times, they also won 5 games.


   However, considering that the Red Team got multiple draft picks in 2019, Paul was traded for Westbrook, so if they can do it again, they might have to shorten Paul's contract. In July 2018, Paul was 33 years old when he signed the fat contract and has a history of injuries. He has missed more than 20 games in the first two seasons. It is a bit reckless to give such a player a four-year contract with an annual salary of nearly 40 million. Up.

但是,考虑到红队亚搏APP手机版在2019年获得了多个选秀权,保罗被交易到了威斯布鲁克,所以如果他们能再次做到这一点,他们可能不得不缩短保罗的合同。 2018年7月,保罗在签署胖合约时已33岁,并且有受伤史。在头两个赛季中,他缺席了20场比赛。给这样一个球员一份为期四年,年薪近4000万的合同是有点鲁re的事情。向上。

   3. Eagles: Joe Johnson, 123.7 million in 6 years

3.老鹰队:乔·约翰逊(Joe Johnson),六年内1.237亿

  Remedial measures: shorten the contract period


   The Eagle admits that Johnson’s talent is right. Before signing in 2010, he was selected as an All-Star for 4 consecutive years, and he was also one of the only four players who scored 20+ rebounds, 4+ assists and 4+ in the top 5 seasons. The amount of the contract is no problem, but the problem is that the period is too long. Johnson was 29 years old at the time of signing, and it is hard to imagine that he can maintain such a performance at the age of 35.


  4, Celtics: Gordon Hayward, 127.8 million in 4 years

4,凯尔特人:戈登·海沃德(Gordon Hayward),4年内获得1.278亿

  Remedy: Postpone his debut


   Many of the contracts mentioned in this article are doomed to fail at the beginning, but this is different. The Green Army’s investment in Hayward in 2017 is entirely reasonable. This not only reunited Hayward and NCAA mentor Stevens, he was also a missing player for the Green Army who lost the 2017 playoffs.


   But a completely reasonable signing on paper was ruined by a terrible leg injury that only started 5 minutes into the 2017-18 season opener. If you want to be an afterthought, convince Stevens not to let his lover appear on that day.


   5. 76ers: Al Horford, 109 million in 4 years

5. 76人队:奥尔霍福德,四年内,1.09亿

  Remedy: Stop pursuing a big lineup, instead reinforce shots and improve shooting options


   Horford, who turned 34 in June this year, never got a comfortable role. The 76ers' large lineup also performed poorly in space and shot selection. When Horford and Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson are on the court at the same time, the 76ers' offensive efficiency is only 105.4, which is only better than the Warriors this season.

霍福德(Horford)于今年6月满34岁,他从未担任过舒适的角色。 76人队的大型阵容在空间和投篮选择上也表现不佳。当霍福德和恩比伊德,本·西蒙斯,托比亚斯·哈里斯和乔什·理查森同时在场时,76人的进攻效率仅为105.4,仅比本赛季的勇士好。

  If you do it again, will the 76ers renew Butler? Will you pursue Kemba Walker? Will Brogden or Bojan Bogdanovic be targeted?


   6, Nets: Deron Williams, 5 years 98.8 million


  Remedy: Set more contract terms in favor of the team


   During the 2012 offseason, the Nets executives looked at the team's salary space, which was almost the same as counterfeit bills. They first accepted Joe Johnson's big contract and threw a fat contract to the 28-year-old Deron.

在2012年休赛期期间,网队高管考察了球队的薪资空间,这几乎与假钞相同。他们首先接受了乔·约翰逊(John Johnson)的大合同,并与28岁的德隆(Deron)签订了丰厚的合同。

   The signing was not that bad at the time, and Deron could still compete with Paul for the best point guard title. However, Deron can be called an iron man during the Jazz, but not so with the Nets. Before signing, he missed 28 games in the second season of the Nets, and his data in the 2011-12 season also hinted that he was beginning to decline.


   The Nets completely ignored these and paid a heavy price. They bought out Deron after three seasons, who faded out of the NBA in 2017.


   7. Lakers: Lor Deng, 72 million in 4 years


  Remedial measures: save space


   The 2016 offseason salary cap experienced an unexpected surge, giving all teams the opportunity to sign big contracts. The Lakers also wanted to get a share of the pie, but they were really unattractive at the time and Kobe had already retired. In the three seasons before his retirement, the Lakers lost a total of 181 games, only more than the 76ers.


   Without market appeal, the Lakers had to choose other ways to use up their salary space. But in the end, the Lakers threw a fat deal to Deng and signed Mozgov for 4 years and 64 million. Deng played 57 inefficient games for the Lakers and was waived in September 2018; Mozgov played 54 games. In order to get rid of his bad contract, the Lakers had to sacrifice Russell. These two contracts shouldn't have happened.


   8. Knicks: Joakim Noah, 72 million in 4 years

8.尼克斯:约阿金·诺亚(Joakim Noah),4年内7200万

  Remedy: Don’t pay for damaged products


   Healthy Noah is worthy of the top salary. After all, he just won the best defensive player in the 2013-14 season, and he has the ability to cope. But what the Knicks should know is that when they signed for Noah in 2016, the latter was no longer at its peak. In the first 4 seasons, he missed at least 16 games each season, and even only played 29 games in the 2015-16 season.


  According to the New York Post reporter Mark Berman, Noah used pull-ups to convince Phil Jackson, then the Knicks president, that he was in good health. This was a trifling matter. Before being waived in October 2018, he played only 53 games for the Knicks.

据《纽约邮报》记者马克·伯曼(Mark Berman)称,诺亚用引体向上的方法说服尼克斯总统当时的菲尔·杰亚搏体育app下载客户端克逊(Phil Jackson)健康状况良好。这是一件小事。在2018年10月被豁免之前,他只为尼克斯队打了53场比赛。

   9. Warrior: Andre Iguodala, 48 million in 3 years

9.战士:安德烈·伊瓜达拉(Andre Iguodala),3年内赚4800万

  Remedial measures: completely unnecessary


  The championship team needs to spend a lot of money to retain the core lineup. Iguodala took advantage of this when he signed in July 2017. According to "The Athletic" reporter Anthony Slater, at first, the Warriors offered 36 million yuan in three years, but somehow it became 48 million in three years. Even Cole admitted that at the time the Warriors and Iguodala signed a premium contract. But the Warriors understand that the risk of Iguodala leaving is too great for them to bear.

冠军队需要花费很多钱才能保留核心阵容。伊瓜达拉在2017年7月签约时利用了这一优势。据《体育报》记者安东尼·斯拉特(Anthony Slater)称,起初,勇士队在三年内出价3600万元,但不知何故三年后就变成了4800万元。甚至科尔也承认,当时勇士和伊戈达拉签署了一份高级合同。但是勇士们明白,伊瓜达拉离开的风险太大,无法承受。

   10. Bull: Dwyane Wade, 47 million in 2 years

10.公牛:德怀恩·韦德(Dwyane Wade),2年内4700万

  Remedy: Don’t try


   After being unable to get the ideal contract from the Heat in 2016, Wade chose to join his hometown team. The Bulls coach Hoiberg admired a fast-paced and space-saving style of play, but the Bulls gave him a lineup with older players and almost no shooting ability in the starting five. This is not a problem for Wade alone, but he has become a symbol of the lack of the Bulls coach and the lineup.


At the time, 34-year-old Wade had a knee injury and his career was approaching dusk. In order to dispel the doubts of the fans, he also promised: "I'm not finished yet, I can still play." But he only played 60 games for the Bulls. He was in 2017- Was waived before the 18th season.





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