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发布日期:2021-01-10 00:06:01

Recently, the editor saw an article "Feelings of the first time I came to the magic city" on Quora, and found that most of the dozens of pages of comments from foreign netizens were full of admiration!


"Shanghai has the most efficient public transportation in the world."


"There are so many delicacies in Shanghai that you will get lost. Xiaolongbao is so delicious!"


"I like Shanghai's skyscrapers most. Almost all of them can go up. The scenery is great!"


"Shanghai's impact on me is internationalization and modernity. It is a unique city that combines classic and trendy."


So, the editor immediately checked the data. It turned out that there are now 215,000 foreigners in Shanghai, accounting for 23.7% of the country, ranking first! Last year alone, 80,399 foreign work permits and 395 foreign high-end talent confirmation letters (R visas) were processed.


What are the reasons for attracting foreign friends to settle in Shanghai? The editor brought a few friends to chat.


Miyazaki Zhuanggen is a Chinese expert from Toyama, Japan, and he can speak a few Shanghai dialects from time to time. After graduating from Waseda University, he studied Chinese modern and contemporary literature. Not only that, he is also a fan of Han Han. When he chose to continue his studies in Shanghai, he was influenced by the new concept composition competition just like the editor! ----Inadvertently exposed the age...

宫崎骏壮(Miyazaki Zhuanggen)是来自日本富山市的中国专家,他会不时讲几种上海话。早稻田大学毕业后,他学习了中国现当代文学。不仅如此,他还是韩寒的粉丝。当他选择继续在上海学习时,与编辑一样,他也受到了新概念竞赛的影响! ----不经意间暴露了年龄...

After coming to Shanghai, Miyazaki likes to shoot videos with classmate Tomohiro Yamashita, but accidentally increased hundreds of thousands of Weibo fans and became an internet celebrity. Now, he and a few friends have opened a Sino-Japanese-Korea joint venture company and continue to do video, animation and other businesses.


The number of foreign students coming to Shanghai like Miyazaki is increasing every year. In 2018 alone, there were 60,870 foreign students from 185 countries and regions.


However, Shanghai gives Miyazaki a very young feeling, which is different from Japan. "Although I am over 30 years old, this place still makes me feel strong." In addition, Shanghai is only more than 1,700 kilometers away from Tokyo in a straight line, which makes it convenient for frequent visits.

但是,上海给宫崎骏带来了一种非常年轻的感觉,与日本不同。 “尽管我已经超过30岁,但这个地方仍然让我感到坚强。”此外,上海与东京的直线距离仅1,700多公里,这使得经常旅行的游客变得很方便。

Usually, Miyazaki likes to eat a variety of Chinese food, and currently has no plans to leave Shanghai. After all, in his opinion, ACGN (anime, manga, game, novel) is becoming more and more popular among young people in Shanghai. Moreover, in Shanghai, he can bravely try and make mistakes. The inclusiveness here lowers the barriers for people to enter an industry, and he can also bravely try things that he didn't dare to challenge before.


Not just foreign friends, official statistics show that there are more than 150,000 returned overseas students working and starting businesses in Shanghai, and more than 5,000 overseas students have established businesses in Shanghai. Last year alone, Shanghai introduced 12,533 overseas students. Moreover, the average age of overseas students who settled in Shanghai in 2017 is only 27 years old, and 89% of them graduated from the top 500 universities in the world.


What are the reasons that make Shanghai their first choice?


Wang Chen (pseudonym) who graduated from a prestigious American school has been working in Shanghai for 5 years. Although the young days are enjoying a good time, some people still don't understand his decision back then.


Before the graduation ceremony, Wang Chen not only got an offer from a well-known ICT company in the United States, but also obtained a small number of H-1B work visas with high gold content. As a result, he resolutely gave up the opportunity to work in the United States despite the strong opposition from his parents!


It turned out that Wang Chen's wife (who was still a girlfriend at the time) was unwilling to accompany him to the United States. According to his understanding, Shanghai's ICT industry has great potential and the number of digital talents is the largest in the country. Many companies have higher treatment than the United States. As soon as I got my graduation certificate, I bought a plane ticket and returned home.


Wang Chen is just a microcosm of the returnees in Shanghai. A LinkedIn report pointed out that among Chinese interested in returning home, Shanghai is the most preferred domestic city, accounting for 63.1%.

王晨只是上海返回者的缩影。 LinkedIn的一份报告指出,在对回国感兴趣的中国人中,上海是最受欢迎的国内城市,占63.1%。

Shanghai has a more convenient settlement policy than other cities. The new policy abolishes the restrictive clauses that “return to the country to settle and work within two years after completion of studies or advanced studies”, which attracts a large number of talents with rich overseas work experience. Among the industries that overseas Chinese who intend to return to China want to work in, technology (software) ranks first with 40.9%, and communications and technology (hardware) are 16.1% and 26%, respectively.


How quickly can international students settle down? According to Wang Chen's recollection, after returning to China, he went to the talent center two or three times to get the qualification certification, and "as long as the graduate and undergraduate colleges meet the ranking requirements, the first job after returning to China is fine."


According to the editor, it is different from Wang Chen who had to go to the site to make an appointment a few years ago. Now if international students go to go through the settlement procedures, they can make an appointment online. As long as they get the number online, they can go to the site directly. The whole process takes about 20%. minute.


In 2018, Shanghai won the ranking of the most attractive Chinese cities in the eyes of foreign talents for the sixth consecutive year.


Behind the six consecutive championships, what did Shanghai do?


In the past two years, whether it is the "30" talents or the talent peak project action plan, Shanghai has been continuously sending "big gift packages" to high-end talents at home and abroad. Take the application for permanent residence permit (green card) for foreigners, the procedures are much simpler than before.

在过去的两年中,无论是“ 30位”人才还是人才高峰项目行动计划,上海都在不断向国内外高端人才发送“大礼包”。以外国人的永久居留证(绿卡)申请为例,手续比以前简单得多。

Zhou Hong, the general manager of Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals, wanted to apply for a green card when he came to Shanghai in 2001, but the foreign friends around him called "very difficult".


In April 2017, as soon as Shanghai introduced the new policy for introducing foreign high-level talents, she was recommended by the Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone Management Committee and won the country’s first permanent residence ID card in the free trade zone within two months. It only takes 10 seconds. In Changning District on the other side of Shanghai, in terms of speeding up the approval of work permits for foreigners to come to China, high-level A talents who have made appointments can be accepted, completed and issued on the same day.


More than that, the editor also found that the talent peak project action plan introduced last year can also be "tailored, one person, one policy" according to different talents. In addition to many matters including settlement and work units, housing, medical insurance, transportation, and children's spouses treatment are also included, so as to fully solve the worries of talents at home and abroad.


Take children’s education as an example. In Shanghai, children of foreign talents can not only go to local primary and secondary schools, but can also go to separate schools for children of foreigners. Currently, there are 37 schools for children of foreign personnel in Shanghai. In the "Top 100 Chinese International Schools" released by Hurun Report last year, Shanghai ranked first with 26, and the second place Beijing (21) far surpassed third place Guangzhou (11) and fourth place. Shenzhen (8 schools).


Due to the inconvenient location of the school, Wang Chen only watched three performances of "The Lion King", "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Night Sleepless" during his studies in the United States, which wasted the art environment of Chicago.


As a result, he returned to Shanghai. Last year alone, he bought more than a dozen performances sold exclusively in Shanghai, including the Vienna Philharmonic, the original musical "Magic Witch" and "Sleepless Night". "As soon as I heard that Shanghai had its own "Sleepless Night", I went to grab the first round of ticketing."

结果,他回到了上海。仅去年一年,他就购买了十几套在上海独家销售的演出,包括维也纳爱乐乐团,原创音乐剧《魔女》和《无眠之夜》。 “当我听说上海有自己的“不眠之夜”时,我就去抢了第一轮票。

The "Night of Sleepless" mentioned by Wang Chen, all 10,000 pre-sale tickets were sold out within four days when the performance was officially launched. While waiting for the first round of performances, the editor encountered several dragging suitcases at the McKinnon Hotel in the theater. The last time I encountered such a hot scene, was to queue up early in the morning at Shanghai Cultural Square to buy tickets for the original version of "The Phantom of the Opera".


As a modern and diversified international metropolis in the eyes of foreign friends, Shanghai also continues to follow New York and Tokyo in cultural and artistic activities. Whether it is the Shanghai International Film Festival in June, the Shanghai International Arts Festival at the end of October, or the usual public concerts, there will always be several performances that make you want to empty your wallet.


According to statistics from the Institute of New First-tier Cities, from July 2017 to June 2018, Shanghai had 11,144 offline cultural and creative activities such as music, drama, lectures, and salons. This figure is about 1.2 times that of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and more than three times that of Hangzhou.


Taking the Shanghai Oriental Art Center as an example, the 18-19 performance season gathered world-class troupes and musicians such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Anne-Sophie Mutter, etc. In the past two days, the editor’s circle of friends was screened by the news of the premiere of the Japanese teamLab Shanghai Oil Tank Art Center. The editor who missed the Tokyo show did not know if he could see this global exhibition.


When you come to a completely unfamiliar country or city, safety is undoubtedly the first concern.


According to the global crime and safety index rankings (2019) released by the global city database website numbero, the number one city on the mainland is Shanghai. In the first half of 2018, the number of reports of 110 police cases and illegal crimes in Shanghai dropped by 20.9% and 28.9% year-on-year.

根据全球城市数据库网站numbero发布的《全球犯罪和安全指数排名》(2019),中国大陆排名第一的城市是上海。 2018年上半年,上海共报告110起警察案件和违法犯罪案件,同比分别下降20.9%和28.9%。

Shanghai, with a population almost equivalent to the whole of Australia, how does it achieve this?


The police officers patrolling the streets in real time and cameras in all corners are one of the "Tianluodiwang." Take the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival just past, there are more than 30,000 police officers every day to ensure the safety of the city. For this, foreign friends feel particularly deep.


Asen Velinov (Anson Velinov), a California-registered lawyer, is most assured of Shanghai’s public security. In his eyes, there are few in the world like Shanghai. You don’t have to worry about your personal safety when you walk day or night. local.

加利福尼亚州注册律师Asen Velinov(Anson Velinov)对上海的公共安全最放心。在他看来,世界上很少有像上海这样的城市。白天或晚上行走时,您不必担心人身安全。本地。

Served as the U.S. Consul General in Shanghai. Kenneth Jarrett, the former President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, also likes to take a walk at night because he doesn’t have to worry about safety.

曾任美国驻上海总领事。上海美国商会前主席肯尼思·贾瑞特(Kenneth Jarrett)也喜欢晚上散步,因为他不必担心安全性。

YIN, a British student, likes to skateboard when there is no one on the street in the early morning. Not only is no one bothered at this time, but he can also take a vlog.


And it was Wang Chen who felt more deeply than them.


During the years in Chicago, his range of activities never exceeded the radius of 2 kilometers from the school, and there was no nightlife. I actually don't believe this.


However, after checking the surroundings of his school, he did not lie.


Wang Chen's campus is in a small suburban village with inconvenient transportation. He can't and dare not go out at night. As a result, this student could only stay in the dormitory or library all day long, and when he graduated, he became the only student in his class who had an A for each exam and also had three full-level game numbers.


Now, Wang Chen finally does not need to stay alone in the dormitory, but also picked up the night run that he gave up in Chicago. Just after the Lantern Festival, the barbecue shop at the back of the community opened again. Listening to the seductive voice of squirting oil, and looking at the fatter body shape, Wang Chen endured it and moved away. After a while, a message from Mrs. Lazy Cancer popped up on the watch, "Bring some skewers up after the run", so he rushed to the barbecue stall to order a good meal and brought two cans of Fat House Happy Water to the end. Half an hour of exercise. As for this undiminished weight, let it go first.

现在,王晨终于不需要独自呆在宿舍里了,而且还拾起了他在芝加哥放弃的夜间跑步。元宵节刚过,社区后面的烧烤店又开了。王晨听了喷油的诱人声音,看着胖胖的身体,忍受了它,离开了。过了一会儿,手表上出现了一条消息,来自Lazy Cancer太太,“奔跑后要把一些烤串抬起来”,于是他赶到烧烤摊上点餐,并把两罐Fat House Happy Water带到了结束。半个小时的运动。至于不减的重量,请先放下。


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