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亚搏体育app下载客户端|欧国联-莱万哑火沙拉维无缘名单 意大利0-0波兰
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亚搏体育app下载客户端-助力体育赛事发展 多项重要赛事亮相北京澳门周
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In a football game, the most difficult thing is always to hit the ball in the goal. Because of this, the winners of the Golden Globes are usually taken by the forwards. At the same time, this also makes the task of evaluating the ranking of the world's top forwards quite difficult, and the center as the first scorer in the usual sense is even more difficult to compare. But "442" still ranked the top ten centers in the world based on the performance of the past year:在足球比赛中,最困难的事情总是将球击入球门。

In a football game, the most difficult thing is always to hit the ball in the goal. Because of this, the winners of the Golden Globes are usually taken by the forwards. At the same time, this also makes the task of evaluating the ranking of the world's top forwards quite difficult, and the center as the first scorer in the usual sense is even more difficult to compare. But "442" still ranked the top ten centers in the world based on the performance of the past year:

在足球比赛中,最困难的事情总是将球击入球门。因此,金球奖的赢家通常被前锋接过。同时,这也使得评估世界顶尖前锋排名的任务变得相当困难,而通常意义上的第一得分手这个中锋更难以进行比较。但是根据过去一年的表现,“ 442”仍然排名世界十大中心:

10 years ago, Vardy had won the "Player of the Year" award, but he was still playing for the 7th level of the town of Halifax in England. Last season, the blue fox striker, who is still young, became the top scorer in the Premier League.


Although he is 33 years old, Vardy seems to have just reached his peak. In addition to the productive scoring efficiency, his harassment of the opponent's defense is also an indispensable key part of th亚搏体育app下载客户端e team's overall tactics. Under Rogers, Vardy's sense of position has become more mature, and his control over the ball is even better than that of his youth. In the Guardiola era, Manchester City only allowed opponent players to have 3 hat tricks in total, and Vardi contracted 2 of them.


Suarez can be regarded as a forward who can define an era in the past ten years. In many ways, he can even stand alongside Messi and Ronaldo. After Liverpool killed the Quartet, he won everything in Barcelona. After contributing 147 goals for the Red and Blues in 191 league games, he switched to Atletico Madrid, which is rich in superb strikers.


Although he ha亚搏APP手机版s lost his explosive power outside the penalty zone, his shooting skills are still impeccable. In the face of this cold-blooded killer, the most difficult issue for La Liga defenders is still how to get Suarez away from the penalty area. From Messi’s public expression of dissatisfaction, we can also imagine the importance of Suarez.


Retaining such excellent forwards as Jimenez also proves the Wolves' ambition on the other hand. Although he missed the European war this season, the all-around Mexican forward is still enough to serve as the starting center for most of the Champions League teams. With great athleticism and outstanding skills at his feet, he also has a sensitive sense of smell in the penalty area. Jimenez is a typical modern all-around center. He is like a replica of Diego Costa, and his 29-year-old age means he still has the opportunity to continue to improve in the coming years.

另一方面,保持希门尼斯这样出色的前锋也证明了狼队的野心。尽管他错过了本赛季的欧洲战争,但这位全能的墨西哥前锋仍然足以作为大多数欧洲冠军联赛球队的首发中锋。凭借着出色的运动能力和出色的脚步技巧,他在禁区内还具有敏锐的嗅觉。希门尼斯是典型的现代全方位中心。他就像迭戈·科斯塔(Diego Costa)的复制品,他29岁的年龄意味着他仍然有机会在未来几年中继续进步。

Over the years, Benzema has hidden his light for Ronaldo. In order to make Ronaldo play more comfortable, he changed his playing style. But the sacrifices made by the French center also allowed him to reap a series of team honors.


Despite the loss of Ronaldo, Real Madrid won the La Liga title last season. Benzema's coming forward is a stable guarantee for the team's firepower. The all-round center has taken on more scoring responsibilities in the past two seasons and has also accomplished his task well. This also makes many people can't help but imagine that if he remains in the French team, the Gaul Roosters will become more unstoppable.


From mid-March to 3:30 pm on May 16, all goals in the five major leagues were scored by Harland. Well, that was just the first goal after unblocking. But Haaland's terrifying goal efficiency is needless to say.


After the Norwegian star who was born in Leeds, he scored 44 goals in 40 games for the Salzburg Red Bull and Dortmund last season. Although he was only 20 years old, he was calm, calm and cunning in front of the door. He can blast into the world wave, beat his opponent Taishan to the top, and can also score four or two shots through subtle coordination.


For Aguero, scoring is never a problem. Regardless of the level of the game, the Argentine forward has the ability to play a role in critical moments. When Guardiola came to Etihad, many people were worried about whether such a restricted area poacher could adapt to the tactics of the Catalan coach.


A few years later, Aguero is still Manchester City's main center. Compared with before, Aguero's tandem organization, off-the-ball running, and awareness of grab points have all reached the limit. Although Guardiola signed Jesus, who is more in line with his philosophy, the young Brazilian can only wait for his chance on the bench.


Unfortunately, Lukaku bid farewell to the Premier League in an indecent way. However, Serie A, which has always been known for defense, once again proved that he is beyond the finishing ability of most Manchester United frontcourt players. Don't forget, Lukaku is the fastest foreign player in the history of the Premier League to break the 100 goals mark.


The talented Lukaku is also keen to improve himself. He became the first firepower output of the Nerazzurri under Conte. The stable performance also proved that he is still one of the most reliable forwards in Europe. As Belgium's leading scorer, the 27-year-old Lukaku has spent 180 million pounds on previous clubs, which also proves his value in the eyes of football professionals.


Thinking of Ronaldo as a center still seems weird for some nostalgic people. After all, in many people's minds, the young man who is riding a bicycle and walking briskly at Old Trafford is still alive. But as the star of Juventus, Ronaldo still maintains world-class strength after the transformation. Despite being 35 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo can still complete a high-speed recovery in the game, and has repeatedly made a final decision at critical moments. Considering that he is still able to hold the core in most clubs, we can also expect him to fight for another five years.

对于一些怀旧的人来说,以罗纳尔多为中心似乎仍然很奇怪。毕竟,在很多人的脑海中,那个骑自行车,在老特拉福德亚搏APP手机版轻快地走着的年轻人还活着。但是作为尤文图斯的明星,罗纳尔多在转型后仍然保持着世界一流的实力。尽管已经35岁,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)仍然可以完成游戏的高速恢复,并在关键时刻反复做出最终决定。考虑到他仍然能够在大多数俱乐部中保持核心地位,我们也可以期望他再战斗五年。

At the age of 20, Kane and Vardy lived on the Leicester City bench. At that time, the main striker partners of the Blue Foxes were David Nugent and Chees Wood, and they also lost the promotion play-off without a surprise. At that time, Kane was already rented out by Tottenham for the fourth time. But no one thought that he became the captain of England after 7 years and one of the best strikers in Europe. After Pochettino's dominant shooting skills were polished, Mourinho's arrival made his passing ability more sophisticated. The more comprehensive Kane is also invaluable to Tottenham.

凯恩(Kane)和瓦迪(Vardy)在20岁时住在莱斯特城的长凳上。当时,蓝狐队的主要前锋伙伴是大卫·纽金特(David Nugent)和奇斯·伍德(Chees Wood),他们也毫无意外地输掉了升级附加赛。当时,凯恩已经第四次被托特纳姆租用。但是没有人认为他在7年后成为英格兰队长并且是欧洲最出色的前锋之一。在波切蒂诺的主要投篮技巧得到磨练之后,穆里尼奥的到来使他的传球能力变得更加复杂。更全面的凯恩(Kane)对热刺也无价。

In addition to Lewand, who else can occupy the top of this list? The Pole, who Mueller dubbed "Lewan Goski", just turned 32, but last season he took his performance to the next level. After helping Bayern win the Triple Crown, he still looks unstoppable in the new season.

除了Lewand之外,还有谁能占据榜首?穆勒(Mueller)称其为“勒万·戈斯基(Lewan Goski)”的波兰人刚满32岁,但上赛季他的表现再创新高。在帮助拜仁赢得三冠王之后,他在新赛季仍然看起来势不可挡。

Now, Lewand is the undoubted absolute core of Bayern. Superb skills, strong body, outstanding ability to open the bow from left and right to the top, good at running position while frequently instigating offense. Scored 55 goals in 47 games last season is by no means Lewand’s limit. We may witness another evergreen football player in the next few years.




No one commented, but quiet


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