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Nothing about Ronaldinho can be defined by rules and patterns.关于罗纳尔迪尼奥的一切都无法通过规则和模式来定义。

Nothing about Ronaldinho can be defined by rules and patterns.


At the age of 40, he completed his career Grand Slam in Paraguay in alternative ways: the World Cup, the Champions League, the Copa Libertadores and... the Prison Cup-about 10 days ago, the former world footballer was in forged passports. Paraguay went to jail.


After behind bars, Ronaldinho is still optimistic. Wearing a white vest and black and white shorts, he led his team to win the Prison Cup final 11-2 on the concrete floor. The prize was 32 pounds of pork. You see, even the gloomy and dangerous prison in the impression is full of laughter and banter because of Ronaldinho's existence.


This news reminded me of another incident about Ronaldinho: In 2004, when he recorded a La Liga promotional video, the filming party asked Ronaldinho to perform a fancy ball in the Santiago Cathedral.


Can't help the instigation of several female staff on the scene (he always did), when he performed a difficult stop, he used too much force and kicked the church's printed glass with one kick. The staff panicked and made cross gestures. Ronaldinho "religiously" gave the priest a hug, and then fed the stray dog ​​by the church casually.


Brazilian football writer Mauricio Savalese once commented on him: Most people live in the same rules every day and repeat them all their lives; Ronaldinho has been challenging and creating rules all his life. He is the nemesis of rules and systems.

巴西足球作家毛里西奥·萨瓦莱斯(Mauricio Savalese)曾对他发表评论:大多数人每天都生活在相同的规则中,并终其一生。罗纳尔迪尼奥一生都在挑战并创造规则。他是规则和制度的宿敌。

This is Ronaldinho. Even in a church that symbolizes rules and order, his style is still "destroy" (glass) and "leisure" (feeding the dog)-just like his style of playing.


The joke of this story lies in the fact that when other people are worried about being afraid because of offending the gods, Ronaldinho is feeding the stray dogs-and this is exactly the affection of Ronaldinho. Up


Xie Xiaoluo's past, you will find his most loyal playmate "Candy" when he was a child is a dog that his father picked up from the trash can.


Like most Brazilian urban areas that have experienced rapid urbanization, the Porto Alegre where Ronaldinho grew up is a mixed bag and gangs.

像大多数经历了快速城市化的巴西城市地区一样,小罗成长的阿雷格里港(Porto Alegre)混在一起。

Drug dealers who have been swaggering through the market and gangsters who have nothing to do all the time like to win over the children who do nothing more. Fortunately, Ronaldinho has "candies" around him. Whenever he is with a dog, he will feel safe.


Ronaldinho loves to play football. He wants to compete with his brother, friends and adults all the time. In the end everyone was tired, only the "candy" was left to play with him. Over time, this dog also witnessed his increasingly mature dribbling and fake moves, as well as his "extraordinary bull tail" that will surprise the world in the future.


Ronaldinho joked that whenever he met a good defender, he would think of him as a "candy".


This kind of joke perfectly confirmed his football philosophy-enjoyment and play. Guardiola's best friend, poet and loyal Barcelona loyal Mattipol once said that Ronaldinho is the player with the most temperament of Barcelona.


This city of art embraces Ronaldinho's career led by passion and art. Thinking about it carefully, isn't the essence of art just enjoyment and playfulness?


If Picasso spent his entire life trying to imitate childlike paintings, then Ronaldinho's entire career may only be in the pursuit of "candies", trying to relive the joy of playing football when he was young.


Unfortunately, just as most people can't understand Picasso, most people can't understand Ronaldinho's grinning grin every moment-even in prison, the smile remains the same.


In life, it is also difficult for us to imagine how Ronaldinho could have two girlfriends at the same time for a long time in the past and live together in harmony.


But we are not surprised by this: maybe it is precisely because of the love on the court that Ronaldinho has a good pass on the court.


Only a few people can appreciate his soul, such as Maradona. "We are the same type of player, he is the last romantic in world football."

只有少数人能欣赏他的灵魂,例如马拉多纳。 “我们是同一类型的球员,他是世界足球运动中最后一位失恋的人。”

Just like on the court, they rely on intuition rather than reason to act, which is not so much talent as it is an ideology. He was so idiosyncratic in the ever-changing field. It was a kind of laziness that belongs to genius, but he was far away from the horizon.


He is good at passing and controlling in situ, considering the political correctness of modern football, his handling of the ball is too casual and slow. But perhaps because of his slow speed, Ronaldinho always stands out on the court.


But the irony is that these two romantics, who don't care about gains and losses, have the same pessimistic ending: trusting others, unfortunately dragging themselves into the quagmire. Lao Ma became addicted to drugs and had to act as a mascot to repay debts.


Ronaldinho, on the other hand, was seized by the Brazilian government on 57 properties and his passport was confiscated. This is the beginning of a new story of forged passports.


In fact, this is strikingly similar to the decline in the latter part of his career. At that time, he seldom sprinted, hardly chased him back, and would not take the initiative to press for it, and this was obviously incompatible with the modern tactics that emphasize high position pressure.


The process of systematization and integration of football has seriously swallowed up the original position of individualism. In the early 1990s, the scavenger, the only guard on the football field with an offensive pass, disappeared.


In recent years, the organization-type midfielder, a role that controls the game from the depths of the pitch like a quarterback in American football, has begun to give way to the tireless intercepting midfielder.


The worst situation is the 10th player, the original free agent in the frontcourt, a somewhat "anti-position" position-Ronaldinho and Maradona's position, even considered to be opposed to the political correctness of modern football.


It is worth noting that it seems reasonable that Ronaldinho lived in South America instead of Europe 6 years before his official retirement. It is true that Europe is home to the world's best clubs, the richest football leagues, and the most fertile youth academies; the past 5 World Cup champions have all been European teams.


But just as every highly developed civilization has its unforeseen shortcomings, the shortcoming of European football is that they no longer cultivate geniuses.


Arsenal legend Wenger once said that most European youth academies emphasize models and routines, but outstanding geniuses are precisely the nemesis of routines. As early as 2014, he realized the key to this problem:


"Playing street football, if you are 10 years old, sometimes you will play with 15-year-old kids. This means you must be good enough, you must fight, you must grab some balls that you couldn't grab."


Pressure makes a genius, this is especially true for Ronaldinho's generation of 80 players.


From an early age, Van Persie played with the children of immigrants in a field called the "cage" in the Rotterdam community. Listening to the name, you know how sinister the playing environment is; the suburbs of Paris where Henry grew up, the situation will only be worse than worse, sometimes fighting for the right to use a field; Rooney got the first place after the national team was called up. Time, I went to the street to find friends to play wild, Ferguson called him "the last street player."

范佩西(Van Persie)从小就在鹿特丹社区的一个名为“笼子”的地方与移民子女玩耍。听名字,你知道游戏环境是多么的险恶。在亨利长大的巴黎郊区,情况只会变得越来越糟,有时会争夺一块土地的使用权;国家队被召集后,鲁尼获得了第一名。一次,我去街上找朋亚搏APP手机版友玩野性,弗格森称他为“最后的街头玩家”。

This belongs to Ronaldinho, the sadness of players of the same era as him: they are aggressive and sometimes disobedient, but professional football will eventually tame their wildness. This is actually a shortcoming of a superior system: the more resources, the better the conditions, and the more complex the information, the easier it is to produce convergent copies. About 4 years ago, I had a private contact with Ronaldinho. He asked me, do you play football? I said I played badly and watched a lot. He said that it doesn't matter if you play badly, just be happy. In that chat, I was surprised to fi亚搏体育app下载客户端nd that Ronaldinho almost didn't watch football, and he didn't even like to watch the Brazilian team game because he only enjoyed the process of playing football. Because of this, he became a happy football elf for everyone, and all of us can only become his audience.



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