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If you search for "Michael Edwards" on Wikipedia, you will find many celebrities, such as a former Nottsshire defender, an Australian film composer, a pioneer art therapist, two former Major League Baseball players, and A British perfume expert. But you won’t find Liverpool’s sporting director in search results-although he is also named Michael Edwards.如果在Wikipedia上搜索“迈克尔·爱德华兹”,您会发现许多名人,例如前诺兹郡后卫,澳大利亚电影作曲家,先锋艺术治疗师,两名前美国职棒大联盟球员以及一位英国香水专家。

If you search for "Michael Edwards" on Wikipedia, you will find many celebrities, such as a former Nottsshire defender, an Australian film composer, a pioneer art therapist, two former Major League Baseball players, and A British perfume expert. But you won’t find Liverpool’s sporting director in search results-although he is also named Michael Edwards.


Edwards is so low-key that he doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page. He never talks to the media and rarely appears in public, but in recent years he has helped Liverpool sign a number of important players, including Salah, Mane, Firmino, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Alisson, Van Dyke, etc.


Edwards is 40 years old this year. He used to be a player performance analyst in Portsmouth and worked for Tottenham Hotspur for two years. He was dug up by former Red Army football director Damian Comoli in November 2011. Liverpool. He served as head of analysis and director of technical performance at Liverpool until he was promoted to director of sports in November 2016.

爱德华兹今年40岁。他曾经是朴茨茅斯的球员表现分析师,并在托特纳姆热刺队效力了两年。 2011年11月,他被前红军足球总监达米安·科莫利(Damian Comoli)挖了出来。利物浦。他曾担任利物浦的分析主管和技术性能总监,直到2016年11月被提升为体育总监。

Klopp trusted Edwards very much. "The relationship between us is very good. He is a very thoughtful person. When I talk to him, I may not agree at first, but in the end I almost always reach a consensus or form a similar idea."

克洛普非常信任爱德华兹。 “我们之间的关系非常好。他是一个非常体贴的人。当我与他交谈时,我可能一开始可能不会同意,但最终我几乎总是达成共识或形成类似的想法。”

With his unique vision, Edwards won the trust of the club's senior management. But what is less known is that before engaging in this job, Edwards also dreamed of becoming an outstanding professional player.


Edwards was born in Southampton, a port city in southeast England, where he spent his childhood. In 1995, Edwards signed a contract with England’s third-level league team Peterborough United as a right back. He once represented the club’s U18 youth team and reserve team and played with midfielders such as Simon Davis and Matthew Etherington. The players fight side by side.

爱德华兹出生于英格兰东南部的港口城市南安普敦,在那里度过了他的童年。 1995年,爱德华兹(Edwards)与英格兰的三级联赛球队彼得伯勒联(Peterborough United)签了一份合同。他曾经代表俱乐部的U18青年队和后备队,曾与西蒙·戴维斯(Simon Davis)和马修·埃瑟林顿(Matthew Etherington)等中场球员一起比赛。玩家并肩作战。

"Michael was a good player." Edwards' former teammate at Petersburg United, Simon Wilson, recalled. "He played well at right-back, but he could also play as a central defender. He was very calm in possession and lost. After the ball, he will actively counter-grab and is full of competitive consciousness. I remember that he has excellent endurance and tenacity. He is often the most engaged when running and participating in physical training. The coach will do whatever the coach asks him to do. We think he It’s kind of like a coach’s pet. Coaches should all like this kind of players.”

“迈克尔是个好球员。”爱德华兹(Edwards)在彼得斯堡联队的前队友西蒙·威尔逊(Simon Wilson)回忆道。 “他在右后卫打得很好,但他也可以作为中后卫发挥。他的控球很镇定,输了。球后,他会积极地反扑并充满竞争意识。我记得他有出色的耐力和韧性。他经常是跑步和参加体育锻炼时最投入的。教练会按照教练的要求做任何事情。我们认为他就像教练的宠儿。教练都应该喜欢这种球员。”

In Wilson's impression, Edwards is more mature than his teammates of the same age, but he also has a good sense of humor and is very popular in the locker room. "At first he was quiet and shy, but then he became more and more relaxed. Sometimes he was willing to play as a clown to make everyone happy."

在威尔逊的印象中,爱德华兹比同龄的队友更成熟,但他也很有幽默感,并且在更衣室很受欢迎。 “起初他安静而害羞,但后来变得越来越放松。有时他愿意扮演小丑的角色,使每个人都开心。”

In March 1997, Edwards was terminated by Petersburg United. Although Edwards has never played for the first team of Petersburg United, according to another former teammate, he likes to study tactics and "has a good understanding of the game." In addition, Edwards had a keen interest in computer technology and spent a lot of time researching a certain IT module-in the eyes of his teammates, this was a complete waste of time.

1997年3月,爱德华兹(Edwards)被彼得堡联(Petersburg United)终止。根据另一位前队友的说法,尽管爱德华兹从未为彼得斯堡联的一线队效力,但他喜欢研究战术并且“对比赛有很好的了解”。此外,爱德华兹(Edwards)对计算机技术非常感兴趣,并在队友的眼中花费了大量时间来研究特定的IT模块,这完全是浪费时间。

After leaving Petersburg United, Edwards entered the university and got a degree in business management and informatics from the University of Sheffield. After that, he applied to a high school to teach IT and returned to the football circle in 2003: as a Prozone analyst in Portsmouth.

爱德华兹(Edwards)离开彼得斯堡联队后进入大学,并获得谢菲尔德大学(University of Sheffield)的商业管理和信息学学位。此后,他申请一所高中教授信息技术,并于2003年回到足球圈:在朴次茅斯(Portsmouth)担任Prozone分析员。

As a sports data analysis company, Prozone was still in its infancy. In order to rapidly expand its influence, Barry McNeill, then Prozone's business development manager, intends to send the company's analysts to major professional football clubs in England. Wilson worked as an analyst at Southampton. Under the recommendation of the former teammate, Edwards also joined Prozone and was immediately assigned to the Portsmouth club.

作为体育数据分析公司,Prozone仍处于起步阶段。为了迅速扩大影响力,Prozone的业务发展经理巴里·麦克尼尔(Barry McNeill)打算将公司的分析师派往英格兰的主要职业足球俱乐部。威尔逊曾在南安普敦担任分析师。在前队友的推荐下,爱德华兹也加入了Prozone,并立即被分配到朴茨茅斯俱乐部。

Edwards' work in Portsmouth includes: analyzing the performance of the first team, demonstrating future opponents' tactics, and evaluating potential signings. "Michael is like an all-rounder, he is both a post-match analyst, a technical scout, and a confidant of the players. Compared with the older generation of coaches, sometimes they are more eager to learn." McNeill said.

爱德华兹在朴茨茅斯的工作包括:分析一线队的表现,演示未来对手的战术以及评估潜在的签约。 “迈克尔就像一个全能球员,他既是赛后分析员,还是技术球探,而且是球员的知己。与老一辈的教练相比,有时候他们更渴望学习。”麦克尼尔说。

Portsmouth assistant coach Jim Smith once coached Derby County and became the first English coach to use Prozone software. At the time, Smith's assistants Steve McLaren and Steve Rod also recognized the potential of this new technology. In contrast, Portsmouth coach Harry Redknapp took longer to learn how to use the software and had to often ask Edwards for advice.

朴茨茅斯助理教练吉姆·史密斯(Jim Smith)曾经执教过德比郡(Derby County),并成为首位使用Prozone软件的英语教练。当时,史密斯的助手史蒂夫·麦克拉伦和史蒂夫·罗德也认识到了这项新技术的潜力。相比之下,朴茨茅斯的教练哈里·雷德克纳普(Harry Redknapp)花了更长的时间来学习如何使用该软件,并且不得不经常向爱德华兹(Edwards)寻求建议。

Like Redknapp, the Portsmouth players have never been exposed to this type of analysis technology before, but David James, Sean Davis, Crouch and Richard Hughes, etc. Players often ran to Edwards' office to communicate with him.

像Redknapp一样,朴茨茅斯队的球员以前从未接触过这种分析技术,但David James,Sean Davis,Crouch和Richard Hughes等人则经常跑到爱德华兹的办公室与他交流。

"Every Monday, I and a few other players always go to Michael's place." Hughes recalled, "We walked into his office and asked him to show us the weekend game data. Michael also played football, so we Very agreeable, often jokes... Many people who work as data analysts have no football background and sometimes it is difficult to adapt to the atmosphere of a football club. Michael is different because he has his own opinions and will let you know. He has a good sense of humor , But if we behave badly, he will speak out bluntly."


What's interesting is that Edwards organizes a UEFA Champions League prediction game every week-he will collect predictions from the players and see who has the most accurate predictions about the outcome of the UEFA Champions League.


During Redknapp’s second coaching of Portsmouth, the club achieved historic success: finishing the season in 8th place in the Premier League and winning the English FA Cup in 2008. Although Edwards is not well-known, he has provided a lot of help for the Portsmouth players.


"I often ask him to introduce me to the players who will play against me the day before the game, and ask him for advice. Most players may prefer to communicate these issues with the coach, but Michael has won our respect. We think The information he provided is very valuable." Hughes said.


Redknapp moved from Portsmouth to Tottenham in October 2008. About a year later, Edwards also joined Tottenham as the head of player performance analysis, working with another analyst Sims Brady, and at the same time with his former colleague in Portsmouth, Tottenham’s first team coach Joe -Jordan maintains close cooperation.

雷德克纳普(Redknapp)于2008年10月从朴茨茅斯(Portsmouth)移至热刺。大约一年后,爱德华兹(Edwards)也加入热刺,担任球员表现分析负责人,与另一位分析师西姆斯·布雷迪(Sims Brady)一起工作,与此同时,他与朴茨茅斯的前同事一起担任热刺的第一支球队教练。乔·乔丹保持密切合作。

In November 2010, Liverpool poached Damian Comoli from Tottenham and appointed him as football director. A year later, Comoli persuaded Edwards to switch to Liverpool and asked him to work with research director Ian Graham to implement a data-oriented signing method in Liverpool (with the management of the Boston Red Sox, a baseball team under the Fenway Group). The style is similar).

2010年11月,利物浦从热刺挖来了达米安·科莫利(Damian Comoli),并任命他为足球总监。一年后,科莫利说服爱德华兹转投利物浦,并要求他与研究主管伊恩·格雷厄姆(Ian Graham)合作,在利物浦实施一项面向数据的签名方法(由芬威集团下属棒球队波士顿红袜队管理)。样式相似)。

"His ingenuity is surprising." Comory commented on Edwards in an interview with The Independent last year. "He is like Billy Bean, who has the characteristics of亚搏体育app下载客户端 challenging conventional wisdom. This makes me the most. enjoy."

“他的创造力令人惊讶。”去年,科莫里(Comory)在接受《独立报》采访时评论了爱德华兹。 “他就像比利·比恩(Billy Bean)一样,他具有挑战传统智慧的特征。这使我最享受。”

Edwards needs to improve Liverpool's data analysis methods, but he encountered great resistance in the first few years after joining the club. Because Edwards is a member of the transfer committee, many fans blamed Liverpool's disastrous operations with players such as Aspers, Lazare Markovic and Benteke. In ad亚搏APP手机版dition, the transfer committee has a tense relationship with former Liverpool coach Rogers, who believes that only he can be responsible for the club's signings. "I always think that the head coach is also the technical director." Rogers once explained.

爱德华兹需要改善利物浦的数据分析方法,但亚搏体育app下载客户端在加入俱乐部后的头几年,他遇到了很大的阻力。由于爱德华兹是转会委员会的成员,因此许多球迷将利物浦的灾难性经营归咎于阿斯珀斯(Aspers),拉扎尔·马尔科维奇(Lazare Markovic)和本特克(Benteke)等球员。此外,转会委员会与利物浦前教练罗杰斯有着紧张的关系,后者认为只有他才能负责俱乐部的签约。 “我一直认为总教练也是技术总监。”罗杰斯曾经解释过。

During Rogers coaching Liverpool, Edwards was almost marginalized; according to a player agent who joined Liverpool in 2014, he "doesn't even know that Liverpool have this person". But since replacing Rogers in October 2015, Klopp has enjoyed working with him very much. Klopp, Edwards and Fenway Sports Chairman Mike Gordon worked together to bring Liverpool back to its former glory.

在罗杰斯执教利物浦期间,爱德华兹几乎被边缘化。根据2014年加入利物浦的球员经纪人所说,他“甚至都不知道利物浦有这个人”。但是自从2015年10月接替罗杰斯以来,克洛普非常喜欢与他合作。克洛普(Klopp),爱德华兹(Edwards)和芬威体育(Fenway Sports)董事长迈克·戈登(Mike Gordon)共同努力,使利物浦重拾昔日的辉煌。

“I think he helped Liverpool’s bosses realize that they can manage player transactions, recruit and train players more efficiently,” said Edwards’ former Prozone colleague and currently CEO of sports consulting and software company Sportslogy McNeill. "Michael represents the new era of footballers in some ways, and his success has inspired many people."

“我认为他帮助利物浦的老板意识到了他们可以更有效地管理球员交易,招募和培训球员,”爱德华兹前Prozone同事,体育咨询和软件公司Sportslogy McNeill的现任首席执行官表示。 “迈克尔在某种程度上代表了足球运动员的新时代,他的成功启发了许多人。”

In Liverpool, Edwards successfully integrated data analysis thinking into daily decision-making. At first, he was more accustomed to working side by side with other scouts and analysts, until he was promoted to sports director in 2016 before moving into his own independent office. At the Melwood Training Base, Edwards’ office is on the first floor, directly opposite Klopp’s office-Klopp often sits on the sofa in Edwards’ office, drinking coffee and chatting with him.


Edwards is married and has two children. Compared to wearing a suit and tie, he prefers to wear jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. Liverpool executives, coaches and players all appreciate his outspoken communication style, but in their view, Edwards is not so much a computer geek and "data control" as a "football maniac". He really doesn't like dealing with the media because he thinks that talking about his role publicly is not helpful to his work; if the media wants to talk about tactics, Klopp is enough.


"Michael has a lot of talents. I think the most亚搏体育app下载客户端 important thing is his judgment and decision-making ability." Wilson said, "He never talks on paper, he is entrepreneurial and decisive, and he is full of real important things. belief."


Although Edwards works behind the scenes, for Liverpool, the results of his work are very important. You may not find him on Wikipedia, but he has left his mark on what is really important.



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