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Bell and Reggie drove to North London, and Tottenham stirred up the summer window market with a jaw-dropping thunder. The haze of losing the league's first game was quickly dispelled by the joy of harvesting strong support. Mourinho received two strong supports that met his requirements, and the tactical problems that had plagued him for a long time may be solved.贝尔和雷吉开车去伦敦北部,托特纳姆热刺的夏天轰动了夏天的窗户市场。

Bell and Reggie drove to North London, and Tottenham stirred up the summer window market with a jaw-dropping thunder. The haze of losing the league's first game was quickly dispelled by the joy of harvesting strong support. Mourinho received two strong supports that met his requirements, and the tactical problems that had plagued him for a long time may be solved.


After experiencing endless scandals and Rashomon-like transfer plots, Bell finally returned to the original starting point. The former Premier League MVP Tired Bird returns to the nest, and the legendary story is about to open a new chapter.


Bell belongs to a powerful winger with height, physique, speed and technique. It was Boas who pressed the button of his evolution that year. Later, after the continuous transformation of Ancelotti, Benitez and Zidane, the Welshman gradually Grow into a versatile frontcourt with all-round capabilities. During his time at Real Madrid, Bell greatly strengthened his own confrontation ability. While retaining offensive methods such as wing assaults, crosses and fast breaks, he also improved his ability to grab points in front of the goal and his defensive contribution. The flanks radiated into the restricted area, forming a side road B2B play based on strong coverage.


Of course, Bell's transformation is not entirely based on the needs of its own development. Real Madrid began to form a control + speed attack mode under Ancelotti's tenure. As a winger, he must have the ability to attack the penalty area and score efficiently. The muscle gaining special training allowed Bell to grow into a "devil muscle man" and won the European header in the 2015/16 season (9 goals in the league).


Regrettably, the sudden increase in muscles has also caused trouble for Bell. His peripheral mobility has been significantly reduced. The increased load of muscles and joints has caused frequent injuries, and the soleus muscles of wing players have been injured. It has become a lingering nightmare.


Although the assault ability of positional warfare has declined significantly compared with the peak period, Bell's ability to cross, long-range and header is still above the standard. His deterrence in counterattack, defensive participation in positional warfare, and participation in a cooperative Ability to meet Mourinho's requirements. Tottenham’s frontcourt staff reserves are relatively optimistic. Both Bellwyn and Lamela, who failed to get a start in the first round, are quite strong. If Levi can sign a replacement center before the transfer deadline, they will be enough to deal with it. The pressure of multi-line warfare reduces the load of Bell's game.

尽管与高峰时期相比,阵地战斗的攻击能力已大大降低,但贝尔的越过,远距离和头球攻击能力仍高于标准。他的威慑力在于反击,防御性参与阵地作战以及参与满足穆里尼奥要求的合作能力。热刺的前场员工储备相对乐观。 Bellwyn和Lamela都很强大,他们在第一轮中都没有首发。如果Levi可以在移交截止日期之前签署更换中心,他们将足以处理该问题。多线战争的压力减轻了贝尔的游戏负担。

In the 2018/19 season, Ronaldo left Apennines, Zidane’s successor, Lopetegui, tried to build tactics around Bell. Unfortunately, due to the poor overall state of the team and the fact that he could not completely get rid of the injury, Bell failed. Seize the opportunity to fill the vacancy left by Ronaldo. After Solari took office, he carried out drastic reforms. Vinicius became the source of motivation for Real Madrid's striker, and the player who provided assistance behind him was Reggie.

在2018/19赛季,罗纳尔多离开了Zidane的继任者Lopetegui的亚平宁山脉,试图围绕贝尔制定战术。不幸的是,由于球队整体状况不佳,而且他无法完全摆脱受伤的困扰,贝尔失败了。抓住机会填补罗纳尔多留下的空缺。索拉里上任后,他进行了大刀阔斧的改革。 Vinicius成为皇马前锋的动力来源,而在他身后提供帮助的球员是Reggie。

Reggie Long's advantages are solid basic skills, outstanding running and covering ability, strong tactical execution, and diverse offensive methods. As a full-back who can enrich the team's offensive methods, Reggie Lon has a strong forward consciousness. He can not only complete the bottom pass, but also seek cooperation with his teammates through the inside cut, looking for opportunities to directly threaten the goal.


Reggie Long can keep up with the attack speed of the forward group in the counterattack, can lead the local team cooperation in the positional battle, and can use the diagonal transfer to complete the scheduling work when necessary to share the pressure of the midfielders.

雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)可以跟上前锋在反击中的进攻速度,可以领导本地团队在阵地战中的合作,并可以在必要时使用对角线转移完成调度工作,以分担中场的压力。

Thanks to Lopetegui's tactical tilt, Reggieron performed well during his time in Seville. At home against the Spaniards last season, Reggie Lung played poorly in defense of Wu Lei, and was sitting on the bench crying after being replaced in advance. This was the darkest moment of Reggie Lung’s career. In fact, from the 2018/19 season of the national derby three times, Reggie Lung exposed the problem of insufficient defensive experience, sometimes the individual defensive moves were too aggressive, and sometimes the offensive offensive was neglected. Mourinho is good at calling defenders, and Reggie is expected to make progress under his command.

由于Lopetegui的战术倾向,Reggieron在塞维利亚期间表现出色。上赛季在对阵西班牙人的比赛中,雷吉·龙在防守吴磊时表现不佳,在替补席上坐在板凳上大哭。这是雷吉·龙(Reggie Lung)事业最黑暗的时刻。实际上,从2018/19赛季国家德比联赛三次来看,雷吉·隆暴露了防守经验不足的问题,有时个人防守动作过于激进,有时进攻进攻被忽略了。穆里尼奥擅长召唤后卫,雷吉有望在他的指挥下取得进展。

Since returning to the coaching position, Mourinho has worked hard to repair the tactical loopholes left by Pochettino on the one hand, and on the other hand, he has to deal with the injury crisis like a tinker. Tottenham tried many formations and personnel combinations, and once became One of the teams with the most changes in tactics in the Premier League. Tottenham last season was a team that seriously lacked depth and tactical strength. The area between Lori and Kane was full of four different players. The position of full back was obviously short, and the center position had no substitute and lacked real players. Defensive midfielders and frontcourt organizers, these need to be resolved through signings.


Tottenham brought in Dougherty and Huiber before the start of the season, and there are suitable candidates for right back and defensive midfield positions. The league lost to Everton in the first game of the league. Tottenham performed poorly in the defensive transition phase, and the ability to create opportunities for positional warfare was seriously insufficient. With the joining of Reggie Long and Bell, within the tactical framework of anti-counterfeiting + fast attack, the forward ability of the two can be fully utilized. After falling into the battle of positions, Reggie Ron has the opportunity to display various offensive methods. The neutralizing header is also a defensive weapon.

托特纳姆热刺在本赛季开始之前引进了多尔蒂和休伯,并且有合适的人选担任右后卫和防守型中场。联赛在第一场比赛中输给了埃弗顿。托特纳姆热刺在防守过渡阶段表现不佳,为阵地作战创造机会的能力严重不足。在Reggie Long和Bell的加入下,在防伪+快速攻击的战术框架内,可以充分利用两者的前锋能力。陷入阵地战后,雷吉·罗恩(Reggie Ron)有机会展示了各种进攻方法。中和头球也是防御武器。

After taking office, Mourinho gave up the 4312 system in the late Pochettino era, focusing on the 4231 formation (with three central defenders and 442 as a supplement), which greatly increased the weight of offensive wing. This is the way to package and introduce Bell and Reggie. Extension. Late last season, Mourinho's "three-and-a-half" defender's defense line was clearly tilted to the right. With the addition of Doherty and Reggie Long, Tottenham's two-wing attack will become more balanced.


Mourinho requires two wingers to participate in defense-in-depth, which is Bell's strength and is also a boon for Reggie. However, considering Bell’s “glass man” attributes, Reggie’s problems on the defensive end, and Dougherty’s better suitability for the three central defender system, Mourinho can consider using the three central defender system he was familiar with when he coached Manchester United. Plan B.


In the 2016/17 season, when Tottenham set a record in team history, Pochettino used the three-centre system for a long time, and the players are familiar with this formation structure. In the three-back system, Reggie Lon can better link up with Sun Xingmin and Kane in front of him. Bell can get a loose ball handling space during the swing from the side, and regain the feeling of being in the Welsh national team.

在2016/17赛季,托特纳姆热刺队创造了历史记录时,波切蒂诺长时间使用了三中心系统,球员们对这种编队结构都很熟悉。在三后卫系统中,雷吉·朗(Reggie Lon)可以更好地与孙兴民和凯恩(Kane)面对面。贝尔在挥杆时可以从侧面获得一个宽松的控球空间,并重拾加入威尔士国家队的感觉。

Tottenham’s existing center-back combination is not very effective. The three-center-back system can help Davinson Sanchez return to the starting line and improve the athletic ability of the defense. Dell, who has a good header ability, can be better protected. Both Bell and Sun Xingmin are highly defensive players. The two can push the 3421 formation to switch to 541 without the ball, ensuring low defense density while reducing the civilian midfield combination (Lo Celso & Winks) The pressure has indirectly improved the technical content of Tottenham’s midfield.

热刺现有的中后卫组合并不是很有效。三后卫系统可以帮助戴维森·桑切斯重返起跑线,提高防守者的运动能力。戴尔具有出色的标头功能,可以得到更好的保护。贝尔和孙兴民都是高度防守的球员。两人可以在没有球的情况下将3421阵型切换到541,从而确保低防御密度,同时减少平民中场组合(Lo Celso&Winks)。压力间接提高了热刺的中场技术含量。

Since last season, Mourinho's team has performed poorly in strong dialogue. In addition to scoring three points against Manchester City and Arsenal, they all suffered defeats against Bayern, Manchester United and Liverpool, and even suffered double kills against Chelsea and RB Leipzig.


Spurs frequently show their timidity in the "six-point game". The team lacks players who are good at playing hard games. Bell is a veritable Mr. Big Scene. Reggie Long's desire to win and fighting consciousness are impressive. They are able to resist pressure. Strong Spurs bring experience and "bloody". It’s not necessarily a bad thing for Bell to be injured for a month. At the same time, it is more difficult to put two newcomers into the main lineup. Mourinho can now give priority to the problems of Reggie and Loselso, and help Bell to integrate into the system after the system is stable. team.

马刺经常在“六分比赛”中表现出胆小。球队缺少善于打硬仗的球员。贝尔是名副其实的大人物先生。雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)的胜利欲望和战斗意识令人印象深刻。他们能够抵抗压力。强大的马刺带来经验和“血腥”。贝尔受伤一个月不一定是一件坏事。同时,将两个新来者加入主阵容更加困难。穆里尼奥现在可以优先考虑Reggie和Loselso的问题,并在系统稳定后帮助Bell集成到系统中。球队。

With continuous signings and over-investment, Levi’s cautiousness in signings is well known to everyone. It can make the Tottenham helm, who has always been diligent and thrifty, generously donate to Mourinho’s personal charm. In the "Mu Ernian" that needed to produce results, the madman received unprecedented support. Bell and Reggie may not be the first choice for Tottenham’s signings this season, but the temperament and characteristics of the two are definitely suitable for Mourinho’s team. With the three Real Madrid "old friends" working hand in hand, a legend has begun. .

通过不断的签字和过度投资,李维斯对签字的谨慎态度众所周知。它可以使一直勤奋节俭的热刺掌舵人慷慨地为穆里尼奥的个人魅力捐款。在需要产生结果的“ Mu Ernian”中,疯子得到了空前的支持。贝尔和雷吉本赛季可能不是托特纳姆热刺的首选,但两者的气质和特点绝对适合穆里尼奥的球队。随着皇马的三个“老朋友”携手合作,一个传奇开始了。 。


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